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The Artist Way

It's just me.

I'm a dad. I love coffee, pizza, and peanut butter. I cycle, snowboard, deal blackjack, and take pictures. I love doing just about anything where I can interact with people, or just simply observe. I'm a former US Army Drill Sergeant, and military test engineer, but I consider myself blessed to also have a profession that allows me to pursue my passion of photography, and provide people with amazing images of the most cherished moments of their lives! Are your images as important to you, as they are to me?

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How it is.

My philosophy on weddings is simple; look, listen, and work hard. I'm always looking. I'm looking for locations, light, textures, and colors. I'm also finding little details, the little things that are often overlooked but obviously mean something special. From the first phone call, I'm listening, learning what's important to you, your preferences, what gets you excited about us, from our image processing, to our beautiful wedding albums and storybooks. When I'm shooting, I'm listening. I'm hearing, the commotion, the conversations, the laughs, the birds chirping or the rain falling, it's part of this days story. I also hear the anxiety, the tears, the silence. All of these sounds help me to see whats happening, predict whats about to happen, and properly document your day. I work hard. Being attentive, alert to all things, the ever changing light, the situations around me. I work hard to position myself to capture not only the actions of the day, but also the reactions of loved ones and friends. At the end of the day, I'm exhausted, but I've captured a wonderful story of family and friends, celebrating your love. It's a story that I'll unfold, and you'll re-live in these amazing pictures, long after you've forgotten who I am.

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Frequent Answers to Questions:

A. Because I'm a people person, people excite me, people having fun fuels my desire to make very cool pictures of them. I believe in passing on memories to the next generation, there is one way to do just that, with pictures. I happen to make really good ones ;)
A. Great! I'll just need your contract and retainer ASAP, chances are another couple is interested in your date as well! All date's are first-come first-served.
A. Absolutely. Weddings within 75 miles of Philadelphia have no travel fees. If extended travel is required, we simply ask that we are reimbursed for our expenses, i.e. airlines + hotel. Destination weekend weddings are all inclusive and have no additional fees for travel.
A. It's time to book your photographer! (1 year is our average booking lead time)
A. Well. I shoot a lot of sequences, staying with the action as it's happening. Expect ~700 images, ~900 if you hire a second photographer.
A. Our favorites will start appearing on the blog within 48hrs, album designs and/or client DVD galleries typically are posted within 30 days, often sooner.

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Our products feature, but are not limited to the following:

-Engagement Guestbooks
-Wedding Storybooks
-Fine Art Gallery Prints
-Canvas prints
-Wall prints
-Thank you cards

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Wedding coverage starting - $2500

Wedding Pricing- click here for personalized wedding packages include an abundance of time with 2 photographers, album credit, and digital fileset

Portrait Pricing- Studio, Urban, or In-Home -$250

Contact us for pricing questions and availability

This months special: Free wedding album design up to 60 pages

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by mark gardner

Last update - April 17, 2018

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